Thursday, January 14, 2010


Earlier this morning, as I was driving to gym, I spotted two coyotes only a few feet away from where we live. At first I thought they were just stray dogs roaming the neighborhood but as I approached them, I quickly realized they weren't. They had high, pointed ears and a long tail that could not have been mistaken for a dog. I've heard horrible stories of coyotes attacking small children and pets and immediately became concerned for Palmer's safety. I called the Pasadena Humane Society and the Pasadena Police Department to report the sighting but am not quite sure if any action will be taken. I diligently google'd the topic and found several reports of coyote attacks not only on small children and pets but also on adults who were innocently walking their dog or running in their neighborhood. Here are just a few examples of how dangerous coyotes can be... be careful and guard your loved ones!!
  • Man walking encountered 4 coyotes, which crouched, circling him, attempting to attack. Fought off with walking stick, hitting one square across the face
  • Coyote scaled 6-ft wall into yard, attacked and killed small dog in presence of owner; in melee, woman kicked coyote, then fell and fractured her elbow and was attacked and scratched by coyote
  • Boy walking family’s 2 dogs attacked by 3 coyotes; one dog was killed and the other injured; rescued by father
  • 3-yr-old girl killed in front yard by coyote; massive bleeding and broken neck
  • Coyote approached couple walking dog, attempting to snatch dog out of man’s arms; left only after being kicked
Granted, these are all incidents reported over several years but it clearly shows how vicious these animals can be when in search for food. The Pasadena Humane Society recommends the following if you see a coyote:
  • Be aggressive, yell, throw rocks, or spray a hose at the animal
  • Make yourself appear large and back away slowly
  • Never turn your back or run away