Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I miss my dog.  I have been stressed out lately (can you say audit?) and he must understand how I'm feeling because this morning, right when I needed it most, he jumped into bed with me, curled up, and gave me loving doggy kisses.  After the kisses were done, he nestled his precious little head on my side and in that moment, I was reminded of his unconditional love.  I love him!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A bed for my baby

So, Palmer has this bad habit of tearing apart his toys.  He will tug and tear at anything that is made of soft material or rope and well, the other day he took to poor doggie bed and wreaked havoc.  What you see here is the damage done to the insert and stuffing... after I threw the cover away!

I decided to pull out the sewing machine that my brother gave us for our wedding and sew a cute little seersucker cover for my doggie baby!  I'm embarassed to say that despite the very simple design (all of the sewing was in straight lines!), it took me about 2 some hours to finish. 
Though it took a bit longer than expected, I'm sure my mommy will be very proud!  She's the one who taught me to sew!  Here is the final product and the happy dog.  The top portion is red stripe seersucker and the rest is just red cotton/polyester blend.  He jumped onto it after I finished the last seam and started dozing off immediately.