Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome, Einstein!

After one horrible doggie experience after another, there is finally a new addition to Ann's family. Welcome, Einstein! Palmer hasn't met him yet but I think they'll get along just fine... he is just so precious!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Yes, that's right... another *adorable* picture of Palmer sleeping. This time, he's sleeping behind the bend of my leg while I was watching TV on the couch. Can you ever get enough of his cute little snout and paws?
Also, happy -1 year anniversary to the fiance! I love you. ♥

Monday, June 16, 2008

Smile for the camera!

Is it bad when your dog knows to smile for the camera?

To croissant or not to croissant?

We're generally good about not giving Palmer human food in fear that he'll stop eating his gourmet doggie food all together. The huge gaping flaw in this effort is when we bring Palmer over to visit my mom and dad. For those of you that know my dad, you'll find it completely ironic that he is infatuated with my dog. He greets Palmer with baby talk, he plays chase with him in the backyard, he takes doggie naps with him on the couch, and even wipes his butt every single time he poops! Needless to say, my dad eats up the attention he gets when he waves human food (usually croissants) above Palmer's head. I try to tell him that all that fatty bread can't be good for a dog but my dad insists! He even puts a little peanut butter on the bread sometimes to make it an *extra* special treat.

Is it just me or is anyone else having difficulty telling others to stop being so "nice" to your dog? I can't find a balance between being thankful that he loves Palmer so much and being a good mommy that cares for the health of her dog!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Palmer Loves My Dad

Its sorta hard to see this but this is a wonderful picture of how much Palmer loves Grampies!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Brown Eyes

I was perusing pictures again and this one caught my eye. The picture was taken from high above Palmer and perfectly shows his big brown eyes! He fits perfectly into my family because of the big eyes we're all known to have (except Cher). I think, in this picture, he's looking intently at the camera because whoever took it is probably waving some sort of doggie treat out of his reach and when there's food nearby, Palmer tries all kinds of tricks to earn his food reward. His immediate reaction is to sit, and then lie down, and then if nothing works, he'll lay his doggie head down and sigh.

Monday, June 9, 2008

A true Palmer at heart.

In honor of his namesake, Johnny rushed to Petco and bought a toy football the moment we adopted Palmer. Johnny had dreams to train Palmer to wait along his side until he said 'HIKE!' and then pass the toy football to his running doggie receiver, who was running several yards away (I guess Bush would've been a more appropriate name since Palmer was actually a QB, huh?). As soon as he brought home the football, he tried to toss it to Palmer to retrieve but for some reason (perhaps the size or the squeakiness or the smell) Palmer didn't care one bit for the ball. Heartbroken, Johnny tried a few more times but Palmer never chased the football like all the other balls in the house... until the other day! Auntie Cher was playing ball with Palmer in the house and, I don't know what she did, but she got Palmer to retreive the football. Now, he is completely enamored. He likes to retrieve the ball, guard the ball, chew the ball and step on it to make squeaky sounds. Now we can say that he is a true Palmer at heart... and Johnny can get back to training his doggie receiver!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Major Migraine

I left work early today because after a series of visual auras, the onset of a piercing migraine prevented me from functioning. I had horrible pains in my head and ended up throwing up my entire chicken salad + baked lays lunch. Sorry, I know that's a bit graphic for Palmer's blog but I'll get to my point soon enough. So I made the best of a project that was due at the end of the day and left for home. All I wanted to do was turn off all the lights and bury myself in my cozy, comfy bed. As I was sleeping (right around the time Johnny was supposed to come over), I heard Palmer run from the living room to my bedroom and whimpering. He ran back and forth a few times so I sat up from my bed and watched to figure out what the problem was. Just a few seconds later, Johnny was knocking at my door telling me he saw Palmer staring at him through the balcony window! Palmer was running back and forth whimpering because he saw Johnny parking his car and walking on the sidewalk. The thoughts of Palmer trying to get my attention because he saw Johnny just melt my heart!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweet Daddy

Palmer fell asleep on Johnny's chest the other day. I remember when he would fidget around because he didn't know how to sleep on such an uneven surface... now its record time before his eyelids droop and he starts to snore! He's really picking up on my bad habits. What a truly lazy dog.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Palmer Pillow

My mom loves Palmer so much she decided to turn an old comforter into a doggie bed pillow! Here are pictures of Palmer on his new bed (personalization compliments of yours truly)...

As I tried to get a good pic of Palmer on his bed, he started to fall asleep...
Eyelids are getting heavy...

And finally giving in...

Tonight will be his first night on the new bed. Looks like he won't have any trouble getting a good night's rest!

Relaxing Weekend

The newest addition to our neighborhood is Cantaloop, another franchise capitalzing on the latest frozen yogurt craze. This weekend alone, Johnny, Palmer and I walked to Cantaloop twice for our Original Strawberry/Cantaloupe, Mochi, Captain Crunch heaven. Mmm, delish!

Right now, we're at my parents' in Cerritos and Palmer fell asleep in the funniest position. He's snoring and twitching and probably dreaming about peanut butter, tennis balls, and chasing squirrels. What a silly dog!