Thursday, June 5, 2008

Major Migraine

I left work early today because after a series of visual auras, the onset of a piercing migraine prevented me from functioning. I had horrible pains in my head and ended up throwing up my entire chicken salad + baked lays lunch. Sorry, I know that's a bit graphic for Palmer's blog but I'll get to my point soon enough. So I made the best of a project that was due at the end of the day and left for home. All I wanted to do was turn off all the lights and bury myself in my cozy, comfy bed. As I was sleeping (right around the time Johnny was supposed to come over), I heard Palmer run from the living room to my bedroom and whimpering. He ran back and forth a few times so I sat up from my bed and watched to figure out what the problem was. Just a few seconds later, Johnny was knocking at my door telling me he saw Palmer staring at him through the balcony window! Palmer was running back and forth whimpering because he saw Johnny parking his car and walking on the sidewalk. The thoughts of Palmer trying to get my attention because he saw Johnny just melt my heart!


Lina said...

uh oh... are you throwing up cause you're preggers?! jk haha. btw. did you hear?! Miji got engaged!!!!

jamie said...

oh no- hope you're feeling better!
that is the sweetest little doggy story ever :)

jamie said...
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