Monday, June 9, 2008

A true Palmer at heart.

In honor of his namesake, Johnny rushed to Petco and bought a toy football the moment we adopted Palmer. Johnny had dreams to train Palmer to wait along his side until he said 'HIKE!' and then pass the toy football to his running doggie receiver, who was running several yards away (I guess Bush would've been a more appropriate name since Palmer was actually a QB, huh?). As soon as he brought home the football, he tried to toss it to Palmer to retrieve but for some reason (perhaps the size or the squeakiness or the smell) Palmer didn't care one bit for the ball. Heartbroken, Johnny tried a few more times but Palmer never chased the football like all the other balls in the house... until the other day! Auntie Cher was playing ball with Palmer in the house and, I don't know what she did, but she got Palmer to retreive the football. Now, he is completely enamored. He likes to retrieve the ball, guard the ball, chew the ball and step on it to make squeaky sounds. Now we can say that he is a true Palmer at heart... and Johnny can get back to training his doggie receiver!

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Anonymous said...

#3 in your programs and #1 in our hearts