Monday, November 26, 2007

Well wishes & Bad habits

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes... the Palmer pie is doing just fine. Lab results came back normal and vet said it could have just been a brief case of gastroenteritis. At least I have peace of mind.

In other news, Palmer seemed to enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend as much as I did. We both:
  • Sat around and did nothing for 3 days straight
  • Overstuffed ourselves with food and treats
  • Spent good, quality time with our loved ones

Unfortunately, over the 4-day weekend, my dad, Johnny, and I picked up a horrible horrible habit of holding Palmer to sleep. Just before the holidays, I had given Palmer a really thorough bath. He was so soft and smooth and smelled so squeaky clean that it made for ideal cuddling conditions. On separate occassions, we each gave into the irresistable temptation but together vowed it would never happen again! Take a look:

The last picture of Palmer and me is hilarious because neither of us woke up when my dad took the picture! And, my mom said that Palmer tried multiple times to pull his feet up onto the couch to be more comfortable but as he dozed off, they would slide right back down again.

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Janet said...

hahah! This is the lucky dog blog