Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finally, an update!

Happy New Year, folks. It's 2008 and we're back! You know, with the holidays, travel, and difficulty getting pictures for posting, I'm way overdue for an update.

So, while I was ringing in the new year in the Philippines, Palmer was sitting pretty with my dad in Cerritos. Can you say SPOILED? He spent his days running around the house and nights cozied up on the living room couch. In Pasadena, Palmer is lucky if he can even get a brief afternoon nap on the couch!

The moment I was back in the US, it started to rain... just in time for Palmer's walk. In an attempt to preserve that fresh dog shampoo smell (thanks for the bath Dad!), Johnny and I decided to use a makeshift raincoat for Palmer by cutting out leg holes and taping down a Bed, Bath, and Beyond bag to his body.

Here are some lovely pictures of Palmer in his pathetic raincoat:

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Ephraim and Rachel said...

haha! maybe it's time for auntie rachel to contribute to his wardrobe again...