Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In need of some doggie friends

Palmer has this aggressive reaction to other dogs and though my gut tells me its a combination of past experiences and inadequate socialization that triggers this behavior, I like to attribute it to Palmer's need for some doggie friends. This morning, as I turned the last corner of our morning walk, we came face-to-face with a brown pitbull. Palmer pulled the leash tight in an effort to approach the pitbull but that was the last thing I wanted as the Palmerpie would surely lose if the interaction turned ugly. :( I panicked and crossed the street to avoid confrontation but Palmer was wimpering and whining the whole time. Is he lonely for a doggie playmate?

Uncle Brandon says 'Palmer, its ok! You'll get a doggie BFF soon enough.'


Janet said...

your heart must've been beating so fast! Palmer should start making friends someone non-threatening like a baby poodle or duckling.

Johnny said...

Use you jab Son

Carlene said...

Wanna set up a play date with our pup?! I can see Britney and Palmer totally being BFFs! :D