Friday, March 28, 2008

Rubber duckie

Palmer has recently become rather fond of this female rubber duckie that was part of a bath set I once got for my birthday. It's squishy and squeeky so he likes to run around with the duckie in his mouth and chew on it. The other day, Johnny and I were watching TV while Palmer was sitting around the corner with his rubber duckie. A few minutes later, we noticed the rubber duckie was missing its head! Palmer chewed the whole thing right off ... and swallowed! The next day, I came home to small pink plastic bits and pieces amidst a pile of doggie throw-up. I didn't know who to feel sorry for, Palmer or the poor rubber duckie!


Johnny said...

Crazy boy

Lina said...

HAHAH you don't even wanna know what kind of weird crap I found in my doggie Xabi's crap!

miss genessee said...

Whoa! Glad he's alright!