Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pool dog

This past weekend was a scorcher so Johnny and I decided to break HOA rules and lay poolside with the Palmerpie (our neighbors were way too busy fawning over his cute face that no one even noticed).

Anyway, we pushed the limits of our doggie freedom by testing to see if Palmer knew how to swim! We tried to lure him into the water by holding his beloved tennis ball just out of his poor doggie reach. He was teetering at the edge of the pool trying to paw for the ball when he lost his balance and fell right in! It was THE cutest thing ever. Swimming seemed to come effortlessly but he still doggie paddled back to the wall with a panicked look on his face. We felt bad for the pup and took him out of the water right away.

I'm sad to report that it was another Kodak moment missed and I have no photos to share. For those with limited imaginations, he looked like this... except much much cuter!

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Lina said...

hahah thats not palmer! Xabi LOVES to swim at the beach. He too is ball obsessed and would go any limit for his ball. See you today!