Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wacky Weather

The weather has been incredibly wacky for SoCal at the end of May. Memorial Day weekend is supposed to be filled with summer barbeques and pool parties! What gives? This morning, I had to force Palmer into the doggie raincoat that I had already put away for the year. He hates wearing that raincoat with a passion, I can tell.

For those that actually read the blog verbiage (and don't just skip to the adorable pictures of the Palmerpie), the picture below is not of Palmer in his doggie raincoat. Its of Palmer in a oh-so-manly nylon vest (as manly as dog clothing can be). Isn't he just the most handsome dog you've ever seen? And his fur is even coming out between his collar like its chest hair. Hah!! I love it.


Lina said...

awww I love his vest! I love doggie clothes! hahah my dogs look so funny in clothes!

Ephraim and Rachel said...

it's like indiana palmer jones!