Friday, October 24, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Apologies for being MIA lately, I've started a new job and would hate to be caught blogging or on one of my million wedding sites my first few weeks! I kick myself because I was SO on a roll with the birthday updates and the daily Palmer entries and now 2 weeks later, I've got no Palmer pictures and am tagged by Aileen to profess 6 random facts about myself.... here goes!

1. I watched Say Yes to the Dress today and secretly (or not so secretly) yearned to wear my very own wedding dress in anticipation of next June. Does this make me crazy? Quite possibly...

2. I sweat so easily that I have to get ready with a fan pointed directly at me (most times). I'm not quite sure if its because I'm always in a darn rush to get ready, if my condo is abnormally warm, or if its just my metabolism but if I don't stand in front of a fan I will look as if I just came back from a quick run. Gross, I know.

3. I make scary sounds when I sleep. Only the very lucky few that have heard my sleeping sounds in person can attest to how indescribable it is (and how it can keep others in the room from sleeping). It's a cross between a repetitive cough, gag, and snoring and I THINK is triggered by allergies or cold temperatures. It must run in the family because the only other people that I know make the same sounds are my brother and my cousin, Dereck. (I now realize that this 6 Random Things List is slowly becoming a 6 Unattractive and Horrific Things List...)

4. I am allergic to coconut. Yes, its true. I have no desire to dip any of my filipino desserts in shredded coconut because I will make aforementioned sound (see item #3 above) 'til the end of eternity. Or I will go into anaphylactic shock.

5. I am incredibly indecisive. I've always known this about myself but not until I started planning my wedding and was faced with decision after crucial decision, did my indecisiveness thoroughly urk me. I used to think I was just being thorough and thoughtful but now its just another annoying trait that I wish I could get over.

6. And since this is Palmer's blog, after all, I'll make my last 'random fact' a doggie one. There have been two (and counting) instances where I've given into temptation and in the last moments of falling asleep have called Palmer into my bed. Granted, I've only done this on the last night before I'm due to change my sheets and I'm always sure Palmer lays on top of the flat sheet (so there is a layer between the two of us) with the comforter pulled down... but there is really nothing better than falling asleep with your precious pup cuddling with you through the night. And yes, Johnny was jealous (of me, not of Palmer).

The rules of tagging are:
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2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post

Tag Lina, Dereck, Genee, Cher, Janet and Jamie (couldn't link to your personal blog for some reason, so I linked to jacshoot blog, Jamie)! You're it!!


: : Aileen : : said...

Hahaha - these are funny! No worries, I still find you incredibly attractive. Johnny's one lucky bastard.

Lina said...

I know that random fact about you.... how you snore. The first night I encountered it, I almost called 911 because I thought you were choking in your sleep.hahah crazy kim

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Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!