Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Every day I'm so amazed at how smart dogs can be.

The other day, as I flicked the plastic applicator for Palmer's monthly flea treatment, he ran straight into his crate and planted himself firmly inside. I guess Palmer started to associate that flicking sound with the cold trickle of flea medicine down his back. If I were a dog, I'd run and hide too!

Yesterday, Palmer heard Johnny parking his car from our balcony and, again, ran to the window to verify it was him... then ran anxiously to the front door anticipating his arrival. What a smart dog!

Here's a picture of a happy, but lazy, dog. Don't you just love how his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth?

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Lina said...

Palmer is so cute! My doggies always know when Ryo is home by the sound of his car too! They even understand Japanese AND english! My dad isnt even bilingual...haha. Anyways, excited to see you girls on Monday!!!