Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Upside Down Olympics

When I was a little kid, I used to run around the house like a monkey. I'd walk across the back edge of the couch, I'd balance on the rear legs of the dining room chairs, I'd tumble from the couch's arm across all the cushions, and I'd backbend over the back of the sofa. Little did I know, little doggies enjoy the same exhiliration in life -- even if its just watching the Olympics on TV with your doggie daddy! Check out Palmer and Johnny watching beach volleyball:
And a close-up of the silly dog:

Sorry, I meant the *award-winning* silly dog. :D


: : Aileen : : said...

Yay for doggies! Talk to Mr. S and I'm pretty sure I have him convinced!! Thanks babe for your advice and all! Muah.

Lina said...

yeay! have you watched the doggie olympics on the animal channel?

miss genessee said...

HAHAHH! I used to climb on the couch backs and armrests and pretend they were my balance beams!!!