Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Party Pics

It was a grand party celebrating Palmer's 4th birthday (and 1st with us). We had birthday decor, presents, yummy food and, of course, dessert (for both human and doggie alike)! ....And ok, I'll admit it, I did feel a little silly throwing a birthday party for a dog but it was fun and no doggie deserves it more than the Palmerpie!

Let's start out with a pic of the birthday doggie with his birthday hat. Sorry the pics a tad blurry. He's so good at holding poses for pictures but what you don't see is that he tried to take it off the moment he came out of his sit-stay.

Here's a picture of Palmer posing with his presents. Talk about spoiled!

It was a small, intimate party with no other dogs allowed... Johnny, Cher, Thomas, and Dereck all came to wish him a Happy Birthday!
And here is Palmer with his cake.
This is a funny picture because it looks like he's closing his eyes to make a wish! Hahah!!

Cher made matching cupcakes for the guests!

Here are some pics of the chicken that Johnny has been waiting ALL year to give him and Palmer scarfing down his birthday cake. Talk about gluttony!
And lastly, Palmer enjoying his gifts. He got treats from Johnny, me, and my mom, treats and a bone from my sister, a toy ball/teeth cleaner from Dereck and a little puffer jacket from my brother (for those cold winter walks). What a lucky dog!!


Dereck said...

For my first dog birthday party, I had a good time! It was actually pretty enjoyable watching him scarf down the chicken and cake then attempt to clean his teeth with the ball I got him for the 20 minutes it lasted haha.

Plus any dog party that serves Chivas is a damn good party to me!

Anonymous said...

Palmer was making a wish in the pic with his eyes closed

Lina said...

SEIOUSLY! What a lucky dog! Love the picture of Palmer making a wish! hehe

: : Aileen : : said...

Oh my goodness!!! A puppy birthday party?! Is that how parenting works with puppies? I can't wait till Maggie turns 1, which will also be right around our 1 year anniversary. Why do I feel corny and lame at the moment? :[