Monday, September 29, 2008

Training Slump

Ok, ok .. I've been terrible at updating you all on Palmer and his progress. To date, we've had him for a few days over a year and I have to admit that we've gotten a little lazy with his training. It's hard .. without a scheduled class or private lesson to prepare for, we have no structure in the house to maintain his doggie manners or skills. When he was taking classes at the Pasadena Humane Society, every afternoon was a mini-training session since we had to complete our homework and report back the following week. Now, nothing is pushing me to train Palmer except for the occassional naughty behavior or whiny bout. I will get back on the training wagon and before you know it, he'll be performing a choreographed song and dance for you. I'll be sure to post it on YouTube, too. Stay tuned!

(I was kidding about the song and dance.. but maybe some really good stays or a nice calm walk on the leash will do.)


Lina said...

im soooooooo over training my dogs haha. When we first had our puppies we were hard core too... At least now they can sit, lay, shake, and stay. Thats good enough for me!

Cher said...

yah be as hardcore as lina! as long as palmer listens to us when we give commands i think that's a success

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