Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doggie Supervisor

Rach, Ann, and I were at Janet's house this weekend working on a wedding project. We used her handy-dandy gocco to customize a few things for the wedding that I would like to keep a surprise (in case any of my wedding guests happen to follow this blog)! :)

What's a gocco, you ask? According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, gocco (プリントゴッコ, Purinto Gokko?, "Print Gocco") is a self-contained compact color printing system invented in 1977 by Noboru Hayama. Yes, my friends, it is the craftiest thing in the world and my BFF owns one! Check her out in action:

I didn't know how long this particular wedding project would take, so I took Palmer with me to supervise. He wasn't the best supervisor, to be honest with you. He started by begging while we ate the delicious dinner Janet cooked for us. After he realized he wasn't getting any handouts, he wandered over to Janet's kitchen and started sniffing around for some scraps. When he sniffed everything out, the poor dog meandered over to the living room and fell asleep. Here's a good picture of him snoozing while we were working on the project.


Lina said...

thats so cool! Ive actually never heard of a gocco before. Can't wait to see how your secret project turned out!


Kim, you guys are too cute! I love the blog!