Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crately Update

I am on my sister's computer right now so I don't have access to the plethora of pictures I have of Palmer (above is his rescue group picture). I do, however, want to update the blog so you Palmer fans out there get your fix of his crazy antics.

For those of you wondering about the whole crating initiative ... Palmer's completely lovin' it! I was deathly afraid his separation anxiety would be aggravated by being confined to such a small area but it worked out the exact opposite (praise the Lord). When I kept him in the bathroom, he used to claw and chew at the door and when that lost its appeal, he would relieve his frustration by anxiously licking his paws. On a bad day, I would come home to scattered wood chips and a saliva-drenched doggie. Now that he's in the crate, I come home to a pleasant (though energetic) Palmer pie! And, better yet -- when its time for bed, I leave Palmer the option of sleeping outside of the crate in the small carpetted area outside of my bedroom but once the lights are out, he miraculously wanders into the crate completely on his own! How anyone has an indoor dog without a crate is beyond me... I am saved!