Monday, October 22, 2007

His name is Palmer!

Oddly enough, I've found it a little difficult introducing Palmer by his name. I mean, if they're not a USC fan, most people get confused and inevitably mistake his name for something else. Here are some funny stories:
  • My dad greeted Palmer one Sunday morning by saying "Come here Homer! Homer, come here!"

  • Our downstairs neighbor ran into us during our am walk and said to Palmer, "Good morning, Farmer."

  • My 2-year old nephew met Palmer yesterday and giggled after feeding and playing with him. When it was time to go home he said, "Bye bye, Hummer!"


Scott said...

Well...lesson learned about naming your puppy after overrated football teams. LOL. See what happens when you do that?

Johnny said...
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Johnny said...

Good thing we didn't name him Jake the Snake

janet said...

My dad calls Siege "Seeds"

Kimberly said...

Hahah! Come here Seeds!!