Friday, October 12, 2007

New den

I thought my master bath would suffice as Palmer's 'den' but the bottom of the bathroom door can tell you that it truly has not. I guess it doesn't create a cozy enough atmosphere to leave Palmer feeling secure and at ease so, my solution was a brand new PetMate Vari Kennel (or crate)! Fear not dog-lovers, crate training has proven to be a safe and effective way of housetraining, reducing separation anxiety, and providing the den-like enclosure doggies so-love. In fact, there are many dog organizations (i.e. American Kennel Club) and veterinarians that encourage it!

Though I had to make multiple trips to exchange up for a bigger size (medium was too cramped for the P-dog), Palmer has taken a pretty quick liking to it! I set it down with the top removed for the first night and he slept soundly. Last night, I tried placing the top on it without the door and with the lure of some doggie treats, I found Palmer cozied up in the back of the crate this morning. I shut the door on him for just about 15 minutes today while I was in the shower and he did perfectly fine. No whining or whimpering. Now, the challenge is to take it slow enough so he doesn't reject the idea of the crate and instead, begins to think of it as his own little doggie retreat.


janet said...

where are pics of the door?

Cher said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! let's hope it works