Monday, October 8, 2007

Separation Anxiety

The seasoned dog parents out there are going to laugh but I've been stressing out lately about Palmer's mild case of separation anxiety. I can't seem to find an effective way of leaving him without coming home to a bathroom full of wood or paint chips from him scratching at the door all day. I know its natural but I just feel like a horrible dog mommy when it happens. It must be worse because of the USC loss. I bet Palmer's just as sad as I am that the Trojans couldn't pull through this past Saturday. Good thing I didn't name him 'Booty'. Ugh.

Anyway, about the separation anxiety, I think I need to consult with Mr. Millan or even just Mr. Google. I hope he'll learn soon enough... before he chews up my entire door!

Anyway, funny thing: when Palmer gets wet, his hair texture becomes crimped... circa 1980's. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson would be jealous. You can kinda see the waviness in the pic below.


Ann said... palmer having separation anxiety or is mommy? hmm.. i wish i can help you.. let's see.. we taught twinkie that when we wave 'bye' to her, it means that we will be gone for awhile otherwise she can come too.. after 6 years, she finally stops jumping frantically and yelping when we leave the front door. you really should read marley and me.. that's all.
ps. HI PALMER! love, auntie ann.

Kimberly said...

Just ordered it on Amazon!!

lina said...

Sandy & Xabi's fur gets crimped too. So cute~

lina said...

ps. Im reading marly and me too haha