Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A trip to Long Beach

Palmer went on another trip tonight. This time, it was to Long Beach for Rachel and Ephraim's wedding gift opening party. He was so spoiled... everyone was paying him so much attention! All the oohs and ahhs must've given him some doggie confidence since he had the audacity to bite at both Ann and Debbie's paper plates (both holding pizza). Bad dog! He made up for it by showing off his 'sit' 'down' and 'stay'. All for yummy doggie treats, of course.

Palmer also met Uncle Aldrich for the first time tonight. But, for some reason, he kept insisting on calling him 'Marinovich'. After further probing, Aldrich explained. Todd Marinovich is a former USC quarterback... a quarterback whose college career was most noted for his disappointing performance and recreational drug use. Just wonderful, Aldrich. His name is Palmer... or Homer... or Farmer... (see October 22 post).

Also, Auntie Genee took some good pics of the Palmer pie. I will post once she gets them up on Flickr!

Thanks for welcoming us into your lovely home, Auntie Rachel and Uncle Ephraim! We will visit again soon.


Cher said...

so that's where u were today!

janet said...

you didn't mention my sleeper hold