Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Big Weenies.

After a few mistakes and minor setbacks with Palmer over the weekend, Johnny and I consulted some of our doggie-parent friends and have restrategized. We have to implement some discipline with Palmer but man, it's hard! When it comes to our cutie-pie of a dog, we are the biggest weenies. A simple wimper, or a sad, pouty look and Johnny comes running to console. For me, I'm a sucker for Palmer's perky ears and tilted, perplexed face.

Anyway, we stuck to our plan for the first night tonight with the peeing... socialized, played, and trained Palmer... and slowly left him to his den (bathroom) without any scratching or wimpering. I feel so accomplished! A special thank you to Johnny for his patience, understanding, and love for the P-dog.

p.s. Another thanks to Cher for taking Palmer with her on a run this afternoon. I'm sure Palmer loved it!