Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Crazy dog!

Today I came home from school around 2pm and when I opened the door Palmer almost jetted outside! I forgot we had a dog and so i was super surprised when he came running out. So i forced him back inside so i could drop off my stuff and he was totally jumping on me and panting and running around like crazy. So i guessed it was b/c he had to use the bathroom so i took him outside and he went to the bathroom like 5 different times. He practically ran down the stairs to get out. I don't know what that was all about but after i brought him back inside i started to ignore him and now he's just meandering about the condo. it was just so weird having him all super-hyper like that.

on another weird note: my sister keeps Palmer in the bathroom w/ a make-shift gate so the door is still open but both yesterday and today he escaped from the bathroom! I don't know how he did it b/c there wasn't any sign of him pushing the gate and i didn't see any crevices that he could have escaped thru...interesting development, at least he didn't poo or pee in the condo.

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Scott said...

He's jumping the gate. Our little Chihuahua mix can do that...some dogs have some major hops and athleticism. That's more than I can say for Palmer's namesake. haha