Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Update

As I type this, Palmer is back in confinement. Today, just a few minutes after I fed him, he proceeded to squat next to the fireplace in poopie-mode. I quickly yelled his name, attached his leash, and took him out for a bathroom break. Ok, so maybe he's not housetrained! Darnit, I've really got my work cut out for me.

I think its best to remind myself, as I wake up for the early morning walks, when I'm training with the clicker, and as I pick up doggie doo-doo, the inconveniences are all worth it for moments like this:

Yesterday, I brought Palmer with me to Cerritos to hang with my mom, dad, and brother... and to have dinner with my friends from the LBC (my OG friends from elementary and middle school). Since I was at dinner, Uncle Brandon took Palmer for a walk and my dad actually let Palmer play in his garden! If you know my dad at all, that is a big deal... way to win my dad over, Palmer!

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Lina said...

aww hes so cute!