Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mystery solved

An investigation was opened to understand how the mischievious dog was able to escape his confinement. Our findings have revealed Palmer's unmatched ability to slip through the space between the doorway and the netting of our make-shift fence. Ok, so all Cher did was put him back into the bathroom and watched to see how he would do it but the point is... the mystery is solved. Hooray!

Last night, Palmer and I were playing with his blue bouncy ball in the courtyard of my complex and one of our neighbors (dog) started barking and howling at Palmer from inside. All of a sudden, Palmer's ears perked (so cute, you have to see it!) and he reached down into the depths of his heart to let out a soft, horse bark. It was like dog laryngitis! Adorable.

Anyway, I had to go into work last night so I brought Palmer with me to pick up Cheryl (and meet Jerry) and then dropped him off with Johnny. What a treat this was for Palmer (and for Johnny)... the two were outside Johnny's house for almost 2 hours playing and exploring South Pas. Its great that the two are bonding because it will certainly be difficult to get Johnny's attention when they hang out this Saturday... USC v. Nebraska and Palmer's first USC football game!

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