Friday, September 14, 2007

Sorry, no new pictures today. I am simply exhausted! Tomorrow it'll be 1 week with Palmer and it has been tiring adjusting my schedule to be sure I take good care of him. I was able to get some cute pictures of him lying next to the kitchen door while Johnny gave him some cooking lessons and also another one of him and Johnny playing... but I'll have to upload those another time.

This morning, Palmer and I went for our first run! We got up bright and early and rather than our slow pace around the block, we ran down the street to Arden, around the pretty neighborhood, past Cal Tech, and back home! By the end of our 2-mile route, Palmer was dragging his feet. And, for the first time, I left Palmer with free reign over the entire condo when I left for work this morning (minus the bedrooms and closets). Let's hope Cher doesn't come home to a mess this afternoon!!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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